Give Photos A Dreamy Touch With Fantastic Lighting Effects

Want to make your rough photos look good? Or want to make your good pictures look even better? Come add some lighting effects and image filters to these photos. Herein, you may need these tips.

Choose a Photo Enhancement Tool

As there are so many applications that integrated with photo filters and effects, you don't have to be very computer savvy to run Photoshop. Just Google it and choose one that fits your needs. Personally, I am used to using PicLight, a stellar photo enhancement application on Mac. It is based on lighting effects and image filters that allow you to add and stack these effects for limitless possibilities in your own style.

Consider Lighting Effects

The most effective way to make photo stand out is to apply some appealing photo effects. With PicLight for Mac, you can easily add various lighting effects to your photos such as flashlight, sunshine, Bokeh, fluorescence, stone texture and many other lighting effects from the four separated categories: Montage, Light, Glow and Texture.

Other Photo Effects and Filters

Besides the shining lighting effects, the bread and butter of a photo enhancement tool are the image filters. Most of the filters dramatically alter the color of the image--they are overwhelming. Try out all photo filters pre-designed in the app and then choose your favorite one to apply. Just make a quick switch to B&W, Sepia, Dark, Vintage and whatever you like.

Layer up to Make Effect Unique

If you are always using the preset lighting effects and image filters in the app, then it may be difficult to come with absolutely unique effect result for your photo, because everyone can apply the same effect to photo with the same app. How can we make the photo stunning in our own style?

Stack the image filters and lighting effects, the possibilities is endless. If it's still not enough, adjust its Alpha to change the opacity of the corresponding effects. Moreover, blending mode always comes with a photo enhancement app, at least including Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter. It must be very impressive to produce a decent photo with blending photo effects by trial and error. Then it would be necessary for you to choose the final result you wish to see over your photo.

Color and Tone Adjustments

Color and tone adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, exposure, shadows, and sharpness may be the most common way to change and control effects for your photos. As amateur, you needn't have much clear understanding for these terms. All you should know is that try different parameters of these color and tone adjustments to get the perfect effect for your photo.

With these quick tips above, hope you can choose the right program to add awesome and unique photo effects to your photos.


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